No means no

No means no

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fate and angels

Do you believe in fate or angels?  I always liked to think I had a guardian angel, but after a long, drama-filled life, and after all that has happened to me in just over 7 months I think I have to believe it’s real.

In November 2012 I was invited to attend TEDxSBW where I met a wonderfully motivational young woman, the licensee Laura Stokes.

Also in November a trip I was supposed to be doing with my ex to Penang fell through due to problems with the travel agent. 

In January my ex told me our marriage was over.

In January/February I met a wonderful group of women through One Billion Rising, and continued the relationship on to Vagina Monologues in March and beyond.

Also in February I met another group of lovely people through a Meetup group, which I wouldn’t have joined if I was still with my ex.

In April I moved out on my own and I am beginning to really appreciate my own company.

Also in April my friend Ruth came to stay and I was able to facilitate a meeting with a mutual friend that I met through OBR, Anne – who was already friends with Ruth in a private group on Facebook but hadn’t met her in person.

In May I met Cathryn Lloyd of Maverick Minds, another wonderfully motivational woman whose story of survival beyond open heart surgery inspired me.

Yesterday I went for a CT scan to try to find the cause of an earache I have had for a few weeks.  They didn’t find that, but they did find an aneurysm in my brain. I have no idea at this stage where that will lead.

All the people I have met this year, through OBR/TVM, Meetup and elsewhere, as well as friends and family back in NZ, and my daughter and her beautiful partner have expressed amazing support for me in the short time after this finding.


Well, I believe I met Laura for a reason – she is so wonderfully and positively motivational. Volunteering with TEDxSBW this year will give me a new sense of purpose when I need something to refocus on.

I believe I missed out on my trip to Penang because I wasn’t meant to fly in case the aneurysm burst, even though I had no idea at that time that it even existed.

I believe the deadwood has been cleared from my life (my ex) and the way opened for me to meet people who do care about me. The support of my friends – new and old – will help me through whatever is ahead.

I believe I met Cathryn for a reason – her story inspires me to know that I will get through this latest trauma.

Whether or not you believe in fate, or angels, or whatever god or goddesses you pray to, I have to believe that there is light behind the dark, and the people I now have in my life can help me see it.

It may have taken me years to finally come to this understanding, but I believe I now truly have a life to celebrate.

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