No means no

No means no

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Larry who?

The essence of a person can be seen in their language and their respect - or disrespect - of fellow humans.  Larry Pickering's website describes him as a "four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchhill (sic) Fellow".  Mr Pickering is making a new name for himself trashing the Labour federal government and, in particular, Julia Gillard, and anyone who supports her.

His latest target is Anne Summers.   Mr Pickering's rant in a blog post entitled "Summer's winter of discontent" begins: "I had never heard of a person called Ann Summers (not sure Ann is with or without an "e" and I couldn't care less really..."

Mr Pickering, since you - as a Walkley award winning political commentator - seem to have forgotten how to research, let me do it for you.

Anne Summers (yes, her name has an "e" and you show disrespect  in your very first sentence with your inane comments) is a Walkley award winning journalist.  Her award was for an investigation into NSW prisons which led to a royal commission.

She is
But of course you knew all of this.  What you also knew, I suspect, is that the hate gang that you call subscribers to your website and Facebook page probably wouldn't know that, much less care - or even know how to do their own research.  

No, Mr Pickering.  You are not interested in respect or truth, let alone honesty or equality.  You are only interested in furthering your own infamy by means of inciting and perpetuating the sexist, hate-filled and misogynist images and utterances that you seem to so highly value in people such as Tony Abbott.

Personally, I think it is truly a shame that someone with your alleged intelligence chooses to abuse it for personal gain.  You do no-one any good by doing so, least of all your supporters who continue to show themselves up as racist, sexist, bigoted and less than intelligent.

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