No means no

No means no

Friday, 8 February 2013

Not your typical femme...

Media is resounding lately with more and more stories of atrocities against women - gang rape and murder in South Africa, a woman burned alive allegedly as a sorceress in Papua New Guines, a cleric in Saudi Arabia who murdered his five year old daughter because he suspected she was not a virgin..... WHAT??????

V-Day, February 14th, gets closer, and the tide is turning.  At last count events are happening in 200 countries and territories around the globe.... free thinking ordinary people are saying ENOUGH.  Rape is NOT okay.  Violence against women and girls is NOT okay.  There is no excuse - it doesn't matter what she has done, what her past sexual history is like, what she wears, what she says.  RAPE IS NOT OKAY!

I don't bow and scrape to any man, I don't shut my mouth and keep quiet, I don't condone your abuse of me or my sisters.  I don't fit the mould of a "typical woman" - so where am I on the continuum?  Do you think it's okay to abuse me / violate me / beat me / rape me?  I don't think so. 

Not your typical femme
© Luisa 2013

Sorry I don’t live up to your stereotype
Of what a woman should be
I’ve got stretch marks and baker’s arms
Crooked teeth, a big nose
Sorry old chum… that’s just me.
I’m not into high heels – I like all my bones
Tight jeans just ride up my crutch
You can stick your Brazilian
But I do pluck my brows
‘Cos looking like Oscar just sucks.
I fire up quite quick, I can get rather loud
There’s nothing quite like a debate
But I don’t take too kindly
To being told what to do
And don’t ever call me your “mate”.
I like my house tidy, I don’t like a mess
But if I make one at least it is mine
I’m nobody’s maid
I have my own job
And I say what I do with my time.
I go to the gym, I dance, I sing loud
I’m annoying, I’m pithy, never twee
And if that gets your back up
Don’t make it my fault
Like it or lump it… that’s me.
So if you’re looking for your typical femme
You’d better go find her elsewhere
‘Cos this woman’s not
From a “typical” mould
And guess what my friend – I DON’T CARE!

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