No means no

No means no

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


This morning I felt pretty pissed off. I had read an article, posted by a friend, on how men have their own websites which advertise a “Philosophy of Rape”. Yes, advertise rape. According to these men, rape is “corrective”. They started with a comment “Rape did serve important, healthy, and natural biological purposes historically in limiting the extent to which female bad behavior can go.”

WHAT??? Is this something that MEN will believe??? Oh yes, I am pretty pissed off. Absolutely pissed off!

Female behaviour is not bad! Rape by men IS.
Females are not sluts. Rape by men does NOT “correct the slut problem”.
Females are not “harlots and feminazis”. Rape by men will NEVER “correct” women.
Females never “want to be raped”. Men, ONLY men, will ever think this crap!

Rape, how they think of it, is a myth which is held onto by men who believe, absolutely incorrectly, that they can use this to “fix society”. Read this: and this: and this: and this: 

And keep reading!! There are so many websites which break the myths, which should be followed not just by women but also by men. No man who reads this would ever disbelieve, would never join the idiotic “battle” by men against women, would rape any women because they are told that it’s okay!

Because IT IS NOT!

It has NEVER been okay!

But is it ever considered okay? So many women simply don’t report their rape. According to the Australian Government Institute of Family Studies  International Violence Against Women Survey in 2004,
Only 1 in 7 women (14%) who experienced violence from an intimate partner, and just over 1 in 6 women who experienced violence from someone else (non-partner), indicated that they had reported the most recent incident to police (16%)

almost half of the women indicated that their reason for not reporting was because they preferred to deal with it themselves, preferred to keep the matter private, or out of shame or embarrassment.”

Shame or embarrassment? Were these women convinced by men that their rape was “okay”?

It was 40 years ago since I was raped. I did not ever report this to the police, not because I preferred to deal with it myself, or because I preferred to keep it private. Yes, it was out of shame, because, way back then, I realised that it was not my fault, never my fault, but I could not report this to police if they didn’t believe me. Nowadays I don’t accept that police will turn away a rape. I have seen the law changed, seen the police support change, seen the feminist and women support change. So many individuals and organisations now will support and help a victim who had been raped.

And yet “Philosophy of Rape” tells men on their website that they “will teach you how to make 100% sure that you don’t get caught.”

Personally?  I believe that these men are absolute idiots who keep their infantile penises hidden inside their pants. They don’t have or won’t have a wonderful woman who would be with them instead of under them. They don’t accept love, they don’t accept awesome women, and they don’t accept an excellent future.

Men, if you are reading this – DON’T RAPE. There is nothing more to say to intelligent men. Those who are so stupid that this won’t go into their heads… well, leave women alone. They are much, much more intelligent that you will ever be.

Go onto Twitter and post this:
Rape will never happen in my life. #ItStopsWithMe
And live in a normal, non-rape life.

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