No means no

No means no

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Call her Jyoti Singh

In December 2012 I wrote my website It was posted in memory of Jyoti Singh, who had been raped by 5 men in a bus, and days later died from extremely violent and shockingly internal physical force. Jyoti Singh was 23 years old. She did not ask to be attacked, did not ask to be raped, did not ask to be thrust inside her with a metal bar. She did not ask to die.

The four oldest offenders were convicted and sentence to death. They still haven't been hanged. The youngest offender, 17 years old 3 years ago, was kept in a youth centre. He has now been let out.


Why did the juvenile join up with older men? Why did he get involved in the rape of Jyoti Singh? Why was he convicted as a "juvenile" rather than as the same as the four other men when he was involved with them? Why was he let out???

India has had so many messages from women and families that women should be safe, that rape is wrong, that families should feel with their victim.

The Atlantic's article on 16 November this year, 2015, entitled "The Brutal Rape That Galvanized India", noted the student protest about this which happened the day immediate after. The India government banned the protests, and have now banned the movie India's Daughter made by the director, Leslee Udwin.

On 17 December 2015 Jyoti Singh's mother was reported in the Zeedee news from India as saying "My daughter's name was Jyoti Singh and I'm not ashamed!" Well said by Asha Devi, Jyoti's mother. This should be the way everyone thinks of this! 

NO WOMAN should ever think she will be raped.
NO WOMAN should ever let her daughter 'regret' her rape.
NO WOMAN will ever let rapists just "get away" with it.

So should every person who ever knows what has happened.

Rape has been around for every time. In the last few years the rapists have been round up and put away. They should. They should have been rounded up and put away for the rest of their miserable lives a century back. They should have been round up and put away when I was raped 40 years ago. I should have known that legal proceed could have happened. Why didn't it?

The four men who raped Jyoti and were sentenced to death should have been hung three years ago, straight after their court hearing. Why are they still alive? The youth 'boy' who also raped Jyoti should have been sentenced exactly the same as the older men. Why is he now FREE???

Rape is never acceptable.
Rape is women victims.
Rape is WRONG.

Every government with any legislation protecting women from rape of any kind should re-look at their policies to ensure that victims can and will take rapists to court and can then live without fear.

When will this happen???

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