No means no

No means no

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Survey - Violence Against Women in Australia

In 2012 the Bureau of Statistics (ABS) conducted a Personal Safety Survey for sexual violence which happened far too often to women. The long (148) report was done by ANROWS in October last year, and looked at "substantial new findings and several hundred new statistical items related to physical assault, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and multiple victimisation.". 

There is a pdf file which you can download from ANROWS which can be very helpful to you. It looks at the experience of violence, most recent experience of violence, selected types of violence, sexual assault, partner violence, emotional abuse and much more.

The Australian Institute of Criminology looks at the trend of sexual assault, but it only reached 2007 in its data. However, by 2007 there had been an increase of 400 per month since 1995, and that's bad (scary?) information. 

Every person, female or male, should be educated into what causes sexual violence. Every woman should know that they have rights. Every man should know that a "normal life" is never violence / sexual assault / rape / victimisation. 

Women deserve a normal life. It's our life.

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