No means no

No means no

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Rape Culture

Blessington. When he was 14, this man raped and killed Janine Balding. He was locked up in the jail for his entire life. And he is asking for “clemency”. Why isn’t that good?

For me, how it ends up is good. He should never be set free. He can just rot away in this jail for what he did to Janine Balding, and the grief he caused to her family. When I read the history I cried. I thought about my own rape, the rape of Jyoti in India, the rape of so many women. “Clemency”? He should never receive “clemency”!

Rape happens… every… single… day.
Too many women are murdered.
Too many women are “blamed”.
Too many women become mentally ill when they try to live with their memories.

Too many women have to live with it.

Women don’t report it because they don’t trust courts to believe them. Why not? Because men can just say that they “loved her”. Or they didn’t “touch her”. Or they were “taught to be nice to her”.

I read an extremely wrong article by “Dr”

Rape-culture theory is doing little to help victims, but its power to poison the minds of young women and lead to hostile environments for innocent males is immense.” Oh how much I really wish that 40 years ago I could have reported my rape to police and expected the disgusting men to end up in jail! Nowadays? YES, I could expect that! That is not a culture, it’s a law, and must be kept alive!
Ending “rape culture” will not end rape. Ending “rape culture” will not assist women who are raped. Ending “rape culture” will not, ever, lock a man into jail for the rest of his life because the anti-rape-culture society think he did something small wrong and has paid for it and needs to start a new life!

What about women who are raped? Will they ever start a “new life”? They can, only if rape is seen to be a backwards “culture”. They can, only if they can expect the law to back them. They can, only if the disgusting rapists are locked away, hopefully for the rest of their lives! That is a law, and must be kept alive!

Ask any woman who was raped!

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